Review: Thera Roya, Secret Cutter, The Banner and Cult Leader at The Acheron

Two Guys Metal Reviews – Matt Bacon – Saturday Oct 24, 2015

“First up were the dudes in Thera Roya. Their unique brand of doomy and quasi ambient black metal blew me away. Though I was previously not familiar with the band Thera Roya’s performance left me scraping my jaw off the floor. These guys are truly a band to watch – one of the most exciting out there, dudes who know what it means to tour all over the country and make sacrifices for their art. Thera Roya live is a simply transcendent experience, you find yourself bathing in the unholy beauty of this band and it is impossible to tear yourself away from what they do. This is what metal should be about – pushing boundaries and creating brilliantly unique art that will never be forgotten.”

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