Thera Roya Stone and Skin

Review: Metal Injection Album Review: THERA ROYA Stone And Skin

Brooklyn favorites Thera Roya have finally done it, they've put together an audacious live record, one that can't help but to charm the listener and which speaks to a sort of antediluvian power that drives this scene forward. As much as the dudes in the band might be just nice guys who live in Brooklyn there is a sort of otherworldly power to their latest offering Stone And Skin. More
Stone and Skin Album Release Feb 18, 2017, Clifton, NJ

Photos: Stone and Skin Album Release Feb 18, 2017, Clifton, NJ

Photos: Stone and Skin Album Release Feb 18, 2017, Clifton, NJ More
Thera Roya Stone and Skin

Review: Unraveled and Unwavering

Brooklyn sludge and post-metal band returns after a few EP's (Unraveling receiving our own critical acclaim) and 88 shows(!) with their very first full length record. More
Thera Roya Stone and Skin

Review: Doom-Metal Review of Thera Roya – Stone & Skin Album

After several shorter releases, Thera Roya's debut album is full of energetic yet dark atmosphere. Thera Roya is a band that embodies Post-Metal. Their sound, open and spacey, explores some of the more untouched aspects of music in the Metal world; heavy is hardly the word I'd use to describe it More
Thera Roya Stone and Skin

Review & Full Album Stream: Thera Roya, Stone and Skin

No simple feat to be airy and crushing at the same time, yet, to listen to Christopher Eustaquio‘s guitar and Jonathan Cohn‘s bass on Stone and Skin, it seems to be the modus in which Brooklyn’s Thera Roya are most at home. More
Thera Roya Winter Tour 2015

Thera Roya 2015 Winter Tour Starts December 8

Busy days in the camp of Brooklyn trio Thera Roya, whose 2015 Unraveling EP (review here), continues to demonstrate its caustic-but-contemplative appeal. More
Unraveling Cover There is something strangely charming about Thera Roya's distinctly fucked up and sludgy brand of Neurosis worship. Their is a very real power to the music that the band has put together on their latest release - the dominant Unraveling that speaks to the eternal power of this band. More

Review: Thera Roya, Secret Cutter, The Banner and Cult Leader at The Acheron

First up were the dudes in Thera Roya. Their unique brand of doomy and quasi ambient black metal blew me away. Though I was previously not familiar with the band Thera Roya's performance left me scraping my jaw off the floor. More
Unraveling Cover

This EP represents the arduous experience which ensues during panic episodes, when mentally the conditions of life unravel within and I’m left recognizing calm energy flowing gently below the insane rubble of my human life...

Fat Voyage Cover

Released November 11, 2014