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Thera Roya Stone and Skin

Review: Doom-Metal Review of Thera Roya – Stone & Skin Album

After several shorter releases, Thera Roya's debut album is full of energetic yet dark atmosphere. Thera Roya is a band that embodies Post-Metal. Their sound, open and spacey, explores some of the more untouched aspects of music in the Metal world; heavy is hardly the word I'd use to describe it More
Thera Roya Stone and Skin

Review & Full Album Stream: Thera Roya, Stone and Skin

No simple feat to be airy and crushing at the same time, yet, to listen to Christopher Eustaquio‘s guitar and Jonathan Cohn‘s bass on Stone and Skin, it seems to be the modus in which Brooklyn’s Thera Roya are most at home. More